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References Bibliographic Citation: Geser Hans: Exhibited in the Global Digital Cage.

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In: Sociology in Switzerland: Towards Cybersociety and Vireal Social Relations. Online Publications.

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  • Hollywood should represent all of us! The truth of #OscarSoWhite
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Zürich, Oct Twitter as a crossover combining mobile zeit marktplatz bekanntschaften and the WWW As the two most spectacular and influential technological developments of the last fifteen years, mobile telephony and the Internet have both contributed to a significant empowerment of individuals: enabling them to engage in highly self-determined communication irrespective of time and space, without any special skills and efforts needed and independently of any institutional affiliations.

The prospective fusion of these highly complementary thriving technologies opens a perspective for many additional innovations by combining functionalities that have hitherto been separated.

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Twitter represents such a hybrid by allowing Short Messages of characters or less to be exchanged over the Net: thus "combining the flexibility of bilateral mobile phone SMS by with the immediacy of Instant Messaging and the multilateral social networking potentialities of the WolrdWideWeb. Given the small size of the messages, they need low bandwidth and can be sent from anywhere and received at any place and by any channel of communication: Phone, Email, IM, RSS or the Web.

Like a telephone network, Twitter is a highly user-guided service that does not need many formal guidelines, rules, supervision and administration.

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In fact, the users themselves create the rules. Stamatiou et.

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Similarly, there is almost no need for moderators, gate keepers or other formal managing roles, and also very little need for instruction manuals, because the small amount knowledge and skills needed for usage are well transmitted horizontally from more experienced users to "Newbies" Stamatiou et. By default, my messages are public, so that anybody with a Twitter account may become my "follower" by subscribing to my updates. And I may in turn follow anybody else regularly by setting him or her on my list.

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In Settings Account I can chose to "protect" updates, which means that people can see my messages "Tweets only with my approval. Originating in MarchTwitter has experienced spectacular growth recently: particularly in the year during which the number of active users has more than tripled to about 5 Mio and the number of unique visitors has risen from 0.

Hub-Spot Top 2. Bottom up leadership-follower patterns In contrast to the horizontal, egalitarian friendship networks that arise in Social Network Sites like MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn, we see the emergence of highly asymmetric verticalized leader-follower patterns Niles Irrespective of such configurations, followers choose leaders not because of love and social nearness, but because they provide useful information.

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The focus is not on the person as an integral human being, but only on specific qualities of a user that are manifested in his or her ongoing communications. Thus, to end communications regularly means to fall into oblivion and to become inexistent in the system: again in sharp contrast to Social Network Sites that abound with neglected "ghost pages" not yet eliminated after exit or even death Geser By looking upwards to the same leaders, followers may have little inclination to form horizontal networks among themselves, because they usually have too different reasons for following single but i ignore everyone like im taken twitter no useful information to exchange.

Effective Twitter leadership may well be based on offline status: e.

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Far from being subversive to established institutional structures, Twitter may to the contrary reinforce such patterns: azubi dating ahaus it may also reinforce the informal followership of politicians who are running for office e.

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